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Regular Strength Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray - $24.00
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Nasal is the scientifically proven fastest, safest and most efficient way to take CBD.

Nasal delivery is faster and more effective than traditional oral options—including pills, oils or food.* Nasal delivery of CBD results in absorption of 6-8 times as much CBD compared to oral routes, which means you can take much smaller doses for the same effects. There's so much vascularity in the nose that the CBD goes right into the bloodstream and quickly to the brain.

​Nasal is professionally certified—Never buy CBD from a company that does not perform, and share their analysis. Should you expect vendors to prove what's in the CBD products? Of course! There are hundreds of companies selling products labeled as CBD. Do they really have CBD in them? Do they have THC? You deserve to know. Nasal partners with ProVerde labs to provide you the results of the highest quality analytic testing in the industry. Our Nasal sprays contain exactly what we say they contain, in the amounts we promise, nothing else, and with zero THC.*

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