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We found that multivitamins, vitamin D, omega-3, and probiotic supplements all had a small protective effect against testing positive for the virus.


In the early days of the pandemic, various supplements to decrease the severity and prevent the contraction of—COVID-19.

Thankfully, a new study conducted by the COVID Tracking Project attempts to do just that.

That concluded sufficient amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Quercetin could significantly improve one’s chances of beating COVID 19; the authors of the new report write the following:

We looked for any correlations between taking supplements and reporting testing positive for COVID-19 using a PCR or serology test or having symptoms predictive of COVID.


“We found that multivitamins, vitamin D, omega-3, and probiotic supplements all had a small protective effect against testing positive for the virus. By contrast, we saw no protective effect at all for the other supplements we looked at like vitamin C, garlic, and zinc.”

Multivitamins, vitamin D, omega 3, and probiotic supplements appeared to yield advantageous effects for women concerning transmission risk.

“We observed a modest but significant association between the use of probiotics, omega-3 fatty acid, multivitamin or vitamin D supplements and lower risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 in women. No clear benefits for men were observed nor any effect of vitamin C, garlic or zinc for men or women,” the authors continued. ”Randomised controlled trials of selected supplements would be required to confirm these observational findings before any therapeutic recommendations can be made.”


Some people think that taking vitamins and other supplements can help maintain a healthy immune system. You are spending your money in the hope of trying to avoid getting COVID-19. You’re better off focusing on bringing a healthy diet with mixed fresh vegetables and fruits. Which should give you all the nutrients you need for a healthy immune system.

“Over the weekend, the government announced it would be providing 2.7 million vulnerable individuals in England to be offered free winter supply of Vitamin D. Based on our research; we cannot tell whether vitamin D supplements will have any real impact on these high-risk groups.”

Setting aside COVID-19 risk for a moment, we know that the vitamins and supplements highlighted in the new medRvix report are incredibly beneficial to overall health.

Putting COVID-19 risk back into the picture, we see that each dually contributes to essential immune response functions.


We think that’s probably one of the smartest things a person could do right now, with the unpredictable role of a relatively unknown illness. What we do know at this point about vitamin therapy, particularly about vitamin D, a new study has come out, and further analysis has come out on what we know about vitamin D and COVID. So far, here’s what we know: people with low vitamin D who get COVID have a greater tendency toward dying, have a greater tendency toward hyper-inflammation in the cytokine storm that comes with COVID, and have a greater tendency toward getting on ventilators, which are very bad because ventilators don’t work very well for COVID.

When a person’s on a ventilator with COVID, it’s not a good thing. So, the outcomes aren’t great, so if we can keep people off of ventilators and we can keep their immune system supported really well with nutrition, that ideally, that makes the most sense.”

According to Osborne, nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could be prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels.

Taking a multivitamin may increase the daily quality of life through increased energy, often from the B vitamin combinations, along with other protective measures.


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