Get A Free Website With Your Home Business


First please visit my free website and have a look at my CTFO website

Does Anyone Need a "FREE" Work From Home Business? * NO Start Up Fee type info * Looking For Serious People * Paid Weekly * USA, Sweden, Canada, & UK Only! * NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! * NO CASH/CREDIT CARD NEEDED

Once you have joined and have YOUR NEW ONLINE MONEY MAKING WEBSITE you can Join at least 60 groups on Facebook and sell your products

Here how to Join at least 60 groups on Facebook (i.e., work from home, earn money online, advertise your business here, home business). These are free to join, and you can post about YOUR business there.

Please note: DON'T join the groups too quickly. Give yourself 2-3 minutes between each group. Start with your first 20 groups only. Create a brief ad (a colored background works excellent too) yet catchy and to the point.

Copy your ad (post) and paste it on each groups page. Be sure not to include your splash page link on your posts as you may get restricted for 4 days if you do. Create ads where they have to comment with "info." Then you can reply with your link.

Wait at least a couple hours or so, and do the next 20 groups. Take your time. Going too fast will also get you restricted. My rule of thumb is to give yourself 2-3 minutes between each post. Then, after at least two more hours, do the next 20.

Use A Different Advert

Try to use a different ad each day for three days. Make sure you use about 3 different ads and images each day. Mix it up. Facebook likes to restrict people for posting too much, for posting the same thing over and over, using links on ads, and to go too fast.

Take your time. Mix it up. You'll find that Facebook is one of the best ways to grow your team. You should get 1 to 10 people every day you do this. I will be sending some sample ad texts to use which have been very successful.

Also, on my page CBD empire (FB), I have posted many sample ads and images for you to use. Find YOUR 3 favorites. Also, create a "business" account on Instagram.

This feature allows you to track your traffic and the activity on your page. Post colorful pictures with current ad copy. Don't forget, Instagram is about hashtags too. Make sure to use useful hashtags ( up to 30) and mix them up.

Find CBD distributors and follow as many "people" as you can from their followers. You'll find many people who will just follow you back. This will create a broad audience and potential customers.

Post as often as you can without being too aggressive. Use Instagram to sell your product AND to build your business. Make sure you include the appropriate web link on each post. Feel free to look at my page and to follow CTFO CBD Team Genesis' EXTREME TEAM in facebook for ideas.

I'm getting several customers/purchasers from IG. Twitter can also be a great way to market your product and/or the opportunity. Don't even bother with Craigslist. They do NOT allow MLM and/or CBD postings. Treat Twitter like Instagram. Follow. Post. Use hashtags etc. Good luck!

I am here with guidance and to answer any questions you may have. We're in this early. Take advantage of that. When this really takes off, those with the large down lines (teams) win. If you need me, just reach out to me. Click the link to become associate today Opportunity | CTFO